Evaluation Techniques

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Why you should attend

This course explains evaluation at both the selection and award stages of public procurement processes, and will:

  • Explain the different evaluation approaches to these two stages;
  • Explain where additional criteria may be included in evaluation models;
  • Provide examples of legal challenges to specifications;
  • Create an understanding of financial evaluation and the standard differential model; and,
  • Will explain the pros and cons of cost versus price.


The Evaluation Techniques e-learning course comprises of 12 chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Your Specification
  • Developing an Evaluation Strategy
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Evaluation at the Selection Stage
  • Evaluation at the Award Stage
  • Evaluation Process
  • Building an Evaluation Matrix
  • Scoring
  • Which Evaluation Model
  • The Evaluation Report
  • Award and Standstill

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