Public Procurement Law Conference

Whitepaper Conferences provide an advanced level conference for those working within the public contracts regulations to hear answers from some of Europe’s most sought after QCs, solicitors, judges and policy makers on thorny questions pertaining to The Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Why you should attend

We know that busy professionals may find it difficult to keep abreast of important legal, regulatory and market developments in relation to The Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

White Paper meets this need through our programme of intensive one-day conferences based in the United Kingdom.

Their specialist research team rapidly identifies the key issues and points of concern, puts together a conference programme that addresses these questions head on, and invites experts with front-line experience to present their views.

These speakers will demonstrate new ideas, describe innovative practices and offer strategies for success. In this way, they provide you with an authoritative source of accurate and up-to-date business information.


6 June 2019 The Lowry Hotel 50 Dearmans Pl Manchester M3 5LH

26 June 2019 The Caledonian Club 9 Halkin Street London SW1X 7DR


0930: Registration and coffee

1000: Chair’s Introduction (Awarding Public Contracts Skilfully and Lawfully within the Procurement Rules)

  • Chaired by: Edward Quigg of Quigg Golden
  • Panellists: Edward Vera Cruz, Senior Commercial Adviser, Southern Water
    Neil Thody, Director, Cameron Consulting
    (specialising in EU procurement in the public sector)

1010: Clarification

  • Often bidders make mistakes, so how far can you push the boundaries of Regulation 56(4): allowing a bidder to clarify after the tender deadline?
  • What can you accept, with live examples?
    Answered by: Kate Rees of Hogan Lovells

1130: Morning coffee

1150: Price/quality ratios

  • Is there a creative way of going beyond conventional Price/Quality formulae and scoring methodologies?
  • Why do standard deviation calculations disadvantage some bidders?
    Answered by: David Hansom of Clyde & Co

1230: Peering into the fog

  • Do the EU provisions still apply?
  • Where are you obliged to advertise, e.g. OJEU?
  • What about contractors and supplies from the EU: prices, extensions, supply chains and new contracts?
    Answered by: David Gollancz of Keating Chambers

1310: Lunch

1350: Past performance

  • Drawing on grey area examples, how do you score past performance and evaluate it meaningfully?
  • What, when and who do you ask?
  • Can you take the feedback at face value?
    Answered by: Michael Mousdale of Browne Jacobson LLP

1430: IT platforms

  • How do you balance the rules with commercial reality when procuring a major IT platform?
  • What is the maximum contract duration?
  • Can you extend because of prohibitive replacement costs?
    Answered by: Bruno Herbots of Herbots Solicitors

1510: Social value

  • How do you build social value objectives into your tender?
  • How do you score them and enforce them, such as living wage, carbon reduction, regeneration, long-term unemployed?
    Answered by: Chris Murray of Bird & Bird

1600: Close of conference

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