Framework Agreements

Framework Delivery from Inception to Launch

This video addresses how CPC engage with stakeholders and suppliers, develops specifications, adheres to procurement procedures, produces user documentation and markets the framework agreement.

  1. Framework Delivery Pat Condon – Head of Procurement
  2. Objectives
    • To understand how a framework is constructed and delivered from inception through to launch
    • To understand what happens once a framework is launched
  3. Framework Delivery
    • Starts with stakeholder engagement which includes:
    • PAG
    • CPC Members
    • DfE
    • Tenet Educational Services
    • Joint Contracting Group
  4. Framework Delivery Stakeholder Engagement
    • PAG Input - All Regional PAG meetings feed directly into the quarterly National PAG teleconference where CPC participate
    • The minutes of the National PAG meeting inform the CPC Board and CPC SMT
    • CPC Members -CPC receives requests from members asking for commodity areas to be considered for frameworks. Where these align to other stakeholders, they are considered
    • DfE - DfE are consulted on all new framework including input on specifications from their Academies and Schools Focus Group
  5. Framework Delivery Stakeholder Engagement
    • Tenet Educational Services
    • Tenet operate in 30+ Colleges across the UK
    • Tenet undertake numerous procurement exercises annually
    • Tenet feed into CPC on their client requirements
    • Joint Contracting Group
    • Consists of all HE regional consortia, TUCO, TEC, JISC and CPC
    • Where commodities align, one JCG member will deliver a framework for all members
    • Presently 28 CPC Frameworks are JCG led
  6. Framework Delivery Pre-Market Engagement
    • Pre-market engagement commences concurrently as stakeholder opinions and views are captured
    • Stage 1: Issue Prior Information Notice (PIN) if required • Informs the supply market of this forthcoming opportunity
    • Seeks to engage with the supply base to aid specification development
    • Informs CPC as to developments in the marketplace
  7. Framework Delivery Pre-market Engagement
    • Stage Two: Engage stakeholders
    • What do members want the framework to deliver?
    • What are members core requirements?
    • What quality requirements are necessary?
    • How do we build Social Value into the framework?
    • How important is cost to the member?
    • Encourage members to contribute to specification development
    • Identify challenges and difficulties that members may have in that area
    • Include other consortia input if relevant and appropriate
  8. Framework Delivery Specification Development
    • Stage 3: Specification Development
    • After all stakeholder input begin to draft specification
    • Consider Selection and award criteria based upon member and stakeholder requirements
    • Consider lotting structure
    • Split between Schools/Academies and FE/HE
    • Split across UK regions
    • Number of suppliers per lot
    • Share specification with all stakeholders for revision and fine tuning
    • Once review completed the ITT can be finalised
  9. Framework Delivery Contracting Process
    • Stage 4: Specification and ITT signed off
    • Stage 5: Contract Notice placed on TED and ITT issued to the marketplace via Sourcing Cloud using Open Procedure
    • During ITT respond to clarification request maintaining a register of all requests made
    • Following closure of ITT assess supplier responses and finalise assessment
    • Complete Award Letters and commence Standstill Period
    • Complete any supplier checks on documentation referred to within bid e.g. insurances, quality accreditations etc
    • Ensure that all contractual documentation has been signed correctly
  10. Framework Delivery Award Process
    • Stage 6: Once Standstill completed launch framework
    • Framework set up on CPC website and Sourcing Cloud
    • User Guide drafted to include: Full details on the ITT and award criteria
    • A further competition template document
    • Full advice and guidance on using the framework
    • Framework launched to members and marketing commences through: Newsletters, Social Media, Blogs andPartners
  11. Framework Delivery Award Process
    • Stage 7: Conduct Supplier Inductions
    • Suppliers informed about responding to member RFQs and ITTs
    • Suppliers informed about marketing and engagement
    • Commence contract management with suppliers
    • Commence member support through Regional Procurement Advisors, Contract Managers and Helpdesk
  12. Process Template
    • Process Spreadsheet

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